Q: Are these the leggings from TikTok?

A: Yes!
Q: Will they fit the same as my other leggings I have?
Should I just get the same size?
A: They should fit the same as your other leggings. If you are in-between two sizes we recommend going for the smaller size.
If the size you picked is too small we can always utilize the return policy and get you a size that fits!
Visit are "contact us" page and email us at "info@letsloveleggings.comregarding refunding your product for another size and we will be happy to assist you!
Q: Are they good for working out?
A: Yes! They make great work out pants, with how light the waist band is it lets you bend without being restricted, as well as the thick material along the legs will not show through when squatting or bending.
Q: Why such long shipping?
A: At this time of year with the holidays and constantly changing corona virus restrictions, caused faster shipping times to be very expensive. This was our best option we had for us to keep the prices low for our customers and still be able to offer them free shipping. With that being said we hope you can stay patient with us, we are currently working on fixing this problem right now.
Q: Is that just a pattern on the pants or is that the fabric?
A: It is the texture of the fabric.
Q: Will it show through when I squat?
A: No, the fabric is thick enough to prevent this from happening.
Q: Is it high waisted?
A: yes!
Q: Is the waistband tight?
A: The waist band is not meant to be tight. It’s meant to be light on the midsection.